Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Luck Has Run Out

Aunt Joanie once again got us some great seats to watch the Reds play the Padres, but it seems our presence at games doesn't have the same effect on our beloved team as it used to. They went down 7-1, with San Diego scoring five times before we even made it to our seats!

We have gotten into the habit of taking the TANK (Northern Kentucky's public bus system) to games because it's pretty inexpensive, it drops you right off at the stadium, and the boys love taking the bus. We were running late to the game and didn't get into GABP until the start of the third inning. (I blame the loss on that. If we had been there from the beginning they would have won! Yes, the world of baseball revolves around our family ;)

On the bus we struck up a conversation with a woman nearby as she was impressed that we were taking our whole crew to a game. Turns out she is one of ten kids, and told us some stories of when she was growing up. Not long before it was time to get off the bus she offered us coupons for the concession stand at the game--four $5 coupons! How nice of her! Apparently she works for the Reds and gets them for each game. The boys were lucky dogs because we pretty much never buy anything at the stadium and they each got their own helmet ice cream sundaes!

Yes, I'm sure you'd like to see pictures of them in all their giddiness, but alas, I forgot the camera. Too much changing of baggage for different events. But the one thing I realized from this experience was that sometimes it's good to forget the camera. I got to see their expressions with my own eyes rather than through the lens and that made the experience more enjoyable. But I can't be doing this on a regular basis! My memory isn't as good as it used to be and I'd like to remember all the little details for years to come. Pictures definitely help with that.

Some things that stick out from the game, other than the game since there's not much to write home about there...
  • We thought we had missed the rain, that was until we saw a humungous cloud sweeping in from behind homeplate. We decided to pack up then and there before the drops started falling, insteading of waiting to move with the herd. We found a nice area with patio tables and cushioned seats in front of a wall of tvs that had the Reds game showing, as well as other sporting events and shows. The rain didn't last too long, and there wasn't a delay, but it was nice to not get wet.
  • It was Ladies' Night at the ball park and I got a chocolate-colored Reds hat with a pink wishbone-C. Not a big fan of the pink phenomenon going on in sports, but it was a nice gift!
  • I carried Meredith in the ring-sling so we didn't have to worry about the car seat or stroller. People would come up to me, shocked that I had a baby in there. Then, more than one person said she looked like an Anne Geddes baby, all snuggled up in there.
  • Miss Meredith once again slept through the game, and although it's nice not to have to deal with a fussy baby, we'd like her to enjoy the game with us! And, yes, she and I were up late.
  • After the game was over, we went out Crosley Terrace to say good bye and thank you to Aunt Joanie and we each got a chocolate bar from Dove, because they were sponsors of the game!
  • We then made a bathroom trip and made the trek to the other side of the stadium to catch our bus. We were under the impression that TANK runs for an hour after the game. Not so. It runs a half hour after the end of the game, and we saw the last bus leaving as we were crossing the street. We saw a TANK supervisor sitting in his suv ready to leave when I went up to ask him when the next bus will be there. That was when he informed me that the last one just left, but he'd be happy to take us back to our van. How nice! We really lucked out. I'm not sure how else we would have gotten back, other than by Gym. Gym shoe. (I guess that joke doesn't really work in the written word, does it?) The boys were pretty disappointed about not being able to ride the bus home, so our friendly driver turned the flashing lights on his vehicle for them. They were not impressed.
  • All children were out before we pulled out of the parking lot. Not much more to say about the evening, other than all three boys fell asleep and were leaning toward the same side, so that they reminded me of the SNL skit where the two guys go out clubbing in the purple suits.
So, it turned out to be a late but enjoyable evening, even if the Redlegs couldn't pull out a win for us!

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