Thursday, July 2, 2009

4 for 4

In honor of Aunt Joanie's birthday, Meredith was able to go to her first Reds game! There was a lot of pressure because all three of her older brothers helped the Reds to win on their first visit! And how lucky for Miss Meredith, Mario Lopez [a.k.a. A(lbert) C(lifford) Slater] was there promoting some show he's doing.

Here he is doing the "Skyline Scramble" or whatever they call it. I got really excited to have a "famous person from my childhood" at the game and when I turned to Lou to tell him I realized that he had no idea who he was, nor would he ever care.

The lady and her husband won cheese coneys for their entire row. And Meredith didn't get her picture taken with Slater. Oh well.

The game didn't start off so well and the boys put their rally hats on really, really early.

Aunt Joanie came down to say hi and we tried to get this group picture, but Ben was being a ham and poor Meredith got her head blocked out.

Grandma and Miss Meredith. I should take a minute to address the clothes situation. I had a really cute outfit from my friend Missy (red and white stripes with stars) that I was going to have Meredith wear...until it was only going to be 70 degrees that day! Can you imagine? Seventy in July! So I pulled out some of the boys clothes and tried to make her look a little bit like a girl: I put a white bow in her hair. Almost all of her clothes are pastel, so we had to make due!

A precursor to the end of the game: fan favorite, Joey Votto is up to bat and gets a big hit!

The game was lasting a long time and the boys were asking to go home. They were tired, but there was no way I was going to go without getting Meredith her I started loading the boys up on sugar.

Probably the most amazing thing about the whole day, Miss Meredith slept through the ENTIRE game. We left our house at 11:45am and were on the road to go home by 5pm. She's been such an incredibly good baby!

Here are some cheese balls in their rally hats. Can you see Lou doing the whole "I'm Five Now And Not So Into Your Photo Shoots Anymore" pose?

I guess I should give some substance to the game: It was pretty frustrating for the fans because the Reds left a total of 16 players on base. How ridiculous. So it wasn't like they weren't given opportunities to score, and yet they were behind the entire game. They trailed 2-1 going into the bottom of the ninth and scored with two outs to send it into extra innings. (In the picture: the team in jumping on top of Votto after he hits in the winning run.)

The Reds were about to blow it in the top of the 10th when our closer Cordero loaded the bases and the next batter hit a shot out to right field. Jay Bruce ran down the ball, caught it, and fired a bullet into Hanigan who tagged the guy out, stopping the Diamondbacks' rally. The Reds were back up to bat and it looked like it wasn't going to be hard to win the game, although they have a record of 1-34 when trailing after 8 innings.

The fans were standing and cheering and although I almost lost my voice and was jumping up, Meredith continued to sleep through the game! Dickerson, Hernandez and Bruce got on base and then the Reds got two out before Votto got up to hit a blooper and score Dickerson. What an exciting way to end the game!

Really, they were a lot happier than this picture shows! They were tired of taking pictures, and like I said, it was 5pm and we had been there a long time. On top of they were probably coming down from their sugar high!

Here are some memorable moments from the day:
  • Lou was concerned because he wore his Jay Bruce jersey to the game and Bruce wasn't starting. Baker must have heard Lou and put Bruce in at the end of the game, and the right fielder almost single-handedly stopped the Diamondbacks from winning the game.
  • When the Diamondbacks are trying to take the win away from us Ben yells, "You're killin' me...the other team!"
Of the game, manager Dusty Baker said, "That was the best comeback, the most exciting, most thrilling and most up-and-down emotional game we've played all year." So glad Meredith was there to bring them the luck they needed!

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