Monday, July 20, 2009

Aarr! Benny & Charlie Had a Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday, Benny! Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlie!

We celebrated the boys' birthday on Saturday, a cold, rainy day in July. The high for the day was a record low. All the games I had planned were for in the pool. In spite all of this, I think they had a good time. Above are the cakes--"treasure chests." To the left of them are the whopper "cannon balls."

Here is the ship's crew: Louie, Meredith, Benny and Charlie. Poor Meredith wasn't as decked out as her brothers, but we managed to find a black and white striped dress in her closet.

I don't know if I mentioned this back in October, but when we went to Florida I bought the boys these Potato Head pirate kits that were out for Halloween. Mommy didn't read the box too well and it turns out there wasn't a potato head included, just the pirate parts. They came in handy for the party, though!

A whole fleet of pirate franks!

Dinosaurs are always a winner for these guys.

Benny's very own "Wonderboy" bat.

Watch out, Tiger! Here comes Charlie-Bear :)

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