Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Elephant in the Room

Almost since the moment we found out we had indeed had a little girl, I have been wondering what the boys would think. Specifically, what the conversation would be like when they found out that a girl is different than a boy--more than just different types of hair, which was blown out the water when she wasn't born with long, flowing locks.

That first week I assumed we'd have some sort of discussion, but they were so much more concerned with Little Meredith's belly button that it didn't come up. For whatever reason nothing has been said since, until Thursday.

I was changing Meredith when Benny came up and stood next to me. He started laughing, "Ha-ha-ha! She hasn't grown her pee-pee yet!" and then he ran away. I guess it's another conversation put on hold.

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