Monday, July 13, 2009

All about Me

With Charlie closing in on two-years (although the appointment isn't until August) he's definitely starting to pick up the pace with his words.

I've come to realize that "B" may be his favorite letter because of all the words he knows that begin with the letter. Ball, bat, baseball, bubbles, baby, etc., but he is expanding on what he will say even though I doubt there is meaning tied to all the words that come out of his mouth. Case in point: purple. He says it, and it's funny when he does, but I'm not sure if he knows that it is a color.

His "kkkkk" sound (or however you spell it) is almost nonexistent now (and I'm worried that I never got it on tape! Why am I so bad at video-ing my kids?) and he's attempting to make more words, regardless of whether we know what he's saying.

Something he does that I find funny is saying names. He has his own way of saying each of our names, reserving "Baby" for Meredith. When I ask him to say his name he says--very enthusiastically--"ME!"

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