Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Rain drops, that is.

It has been a cool, wet July for us and today I said, Forget it! we're going outside. And we did, to use Benny's birthday gift, a Spider-Man slip 'n slide.

Let me just say, slip 'n slides were not this cool when I was a kid. It has a row of holes down the side that squirt a waterfall on top of you while you slide down the strip, ending in a pool of water. Well, that's not how they did it, but I suppose that was what it was intended for.

I tried to explain to Ben how it is used, but I must not have done the explaining very well. he did somewhat of slide at first, but more of a plop, and then he did an army crawl the rest of the way down. He was having fun, though! Charlie's favorite part was the splash pool at the end, and that is what he did. Splash-splash-splash.

The fun soon ended as Meredith didn't enjoy being all covered up outside while her brothers were having fun, and Charlie was wanting to get out of his wet swimsuit. I turned off the water and expected Lou and Ben to follow me inside. After I got the two little ones settled I checked on the two big brothers. Benny was in hysterics. Why? He wanted to take the slip 'n slide into the garage because he didn't want it to get wet in the rain!

Don't ever doubt that these kids keep me laughing! This may be a result of our late night...

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