Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting ready for the party!

We have begun the day getting ready for Benny and Charlie's birthday party. The boys are ecstatic, to say the least. A birthday party for one, is a birthday party for all, and this happens to have two real birthday boys attached to it, but that doesn't stop the other from joining in--or taking charge.

I imagine I was the same way. No, I know. I was the oldest in my family, and so I came up with the ideas and instructed my siblings in what we were going to play and how it was going to be played. I never felt like I was being bossy, but things aren't going to get done if no one takes charge! Maybe my brothers and sister see things differently...

Louie is the same way. He was the captain of the pirate ship they were playing on. He got to wear the special hat and eye patch. He instructed the other two in what battles they were engaged in and what beasts they had to fight. Benny and Charlie didn't seem to mind (well, they did want to wear more of the costume pieces), and they all had a good time. I have yet to figure out if it is part of being the first born or if it's in the genes.

I got a pirate coloring book and the boys colored pictures for decoration while I got other things ready for the party. I haven't decided if it is better to let kids know ahead of time when their birthday is coming up, or just spring it on them the day of. This has been a long week. Pray for good weather! Most of the games are supposed to happen in the pool. Good chance the boys will get in, not sure if anyone else will!

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