Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Month Appointment

Miss Meredith had a pretty good appointment, overall. She is dealing with a tear duct that doesn't want to work properly, but it sounds like with some massaging it should get better in the next 7-9 months. This is coming from an overly protective doctor, so if she's not too concerned, I'm not going to be.

So worried about her weight a few weeks back and today she had gained three pounds! She's up over ten pounds now, but still at 21 inches. The nurse said that hospitals are least concerned about babies' lengths, especially when they are slimy and squirming, so chances are she wasn't exactly 21 inches at birth. I was wondering why all my kids were pretty much the same length when they were born...

She got a shot in her thigh, but only cried for a moment. The more painful part of the visit was being there for an hour when it shouldn't have taken longer than twenty minutes because a hot-shot resident doctor was expanding Meredith's and my mind with all his big medical mumbo jumbo. Sorry. We had just come from the zoo and my little girl wanted to have lunch and relax at home, not hang out all day at the doctor's office. Thank goodness the boys weren't there! I can't imagine how long the "see what animals you can find in the border" game would have lasted.


Amanda said...

It will probably clear up on its own, that tear duct. Owen had to have his probed and, in case it comes to that, it wasn't bad at all. It probably won't though. Don't worry! (I didn't do any one told me about that!!!)

Annie said...

So glad to hear of others having to go through this (although, it's probably not fun for the babies!). I was worried, but even the doctor said you don't have to massage the tear duct. I guess there's no clear way to...clear it up.