Friday, July 25, 2008

Woo-Hoo! Downtown!

Last night we went to the Florence Freedom game with Martha, TJ, and Ian. Kevin took Lou and Ben to a game last year, but this was Charlie and my first time at the stadium. There's a big play area and open seating for the most part, so I imagine it's pretty family-friendly, although I'm one of those "crotchety old people" who believe the more bells and whistles you put at a stadium the further you are from the game. We didn't see a lot of baseball on the field, but it was great hanging out with our friends!

As fun as the experience was, the highlight of the night was driving through downtown on the way to, and then again on the way back from the game. As soon as the boys see the skyline they start hootin' and hollerin' about being downtown. You'd think that they never get to go down there with the way they were getting all riled up about it.

I decided that anytime the boys are being crankapotapuses we're going to take a drive downtown so that all their whiney-ness and grumpy-ness disappears and smiles overtake their little faces.

Thanks goodness for downtown.

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Amanda said...

Anytime you need a longer downtown fix, bring them over and we'll just line them up in front of our windows! :)