Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Birthdays, Two Parties

I like to have a party. I enjoy the planning,the coming up with a theme (rarely does a party of mine not have a theme), the inviting, the anticipation, the day of,and the aftermath isn't too bad, either. What I really like is the gathering of all the people we know and love to celebrate the important, and sometimes not-so-important, moments in our lives.

We have been blessed with two birthdays on one day. This first year that this has occurred (other than the actual birth) we had two parties, but from here on out Benny and Charlie will have the unique opportunity to share their birthdays and parties.

Their birthday was on Friday, Charlie's party on Saturday, and Benny's on Sunday. "Fun-filled weekend" does not begin to describe these past few days...and we're still recovering!

I'll keep the narrating to a minimum since I tend to be a bit wordy, and just fill in the details of what's going on in the pictures.

Charlie had a Jungle Party and is wearing a Tarzan costume, something Aunt Cassie taught me how to sew a few weeks back.

I made this cut-out board for part of the decorations and Charlie got a kick out seeing his brothers as an elephant and giraffe.

I couldn't convince him to put his head through the back because, as he saw it, there was nothing on the back side. All the good stuff was on the front!

Charlie and his monkey cake, an adorable creation by Aunt Cassie.

The big people are joining in the fun (starting from the top row, left): Grandpa R., Uncle Hog, Aunt Jane, Uncle John)

Uncle Paul, Grandma R., Katie, Grandpa M.

Godparents, Uncle Nate and Aunt Erin

Benny had a Christmas birthday--he loves Santa and couldn't wait to dress like him!

Introducing "The Christmas Bush": my awful attempt at a cute cake that everyone ate anyway. I thought that I could get the green colored rice crispie treats to look like a tree, but they only amounted to a bush that I glue candy to with icing.

They know what the boys like--baseball hats!

At the end of a good birthday party (he fell asleep watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Christmas Special).

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spunkyduckling @ cute fuzzy slippers said...

Absolutely Lovely pictures. I never had a party as kid but it would have been nice. Aww..the tree isn't as bad as you think. I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't point it out. I actually sort of like it.