Monday, July 28, 2008

Lake Lorelei

There's nothing like going away for the weekend and it being truly relaxing. It helps when where you're going isn't more than an hour away! My Grandpa's friend lets us use her family's cottage on the lake each summer, and it comes complete with a nice deck and patio with fire pit, a great dock for fishing, speed boats and all those things you can attach to the back.

Lou and Ben are in heaven when we're there.

They love playing baseball in the yard; fishing for hours on the bank of the lake; swimming in the water by the dock, with no fear of the fish at their feet; and of course throwing on a life-vest and zipping around the lake. Afterward they get a drink, a snack, and the two of them climb on this odd-shaped but extremely comfortable chair and watch all the cartoon shows we don't have at our house.

Lou & Ben were so excited to play hide 'n seek with Shannon & Jill. You can see how well Ben was at playing it.

Charlie all decked out in his life preserver.

There were all these creepy gigantic birds around. In fact, there were 7 of them hanging out on the jungle gym. Luckily, there are no missing children.

This is Bullet. He's Uncle Billy's wonderfully laid back dog.

He mostly did this the whole weekend.

And as much as I think he's a cool dog, I've got three rascals of my own to deal with.

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