Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Child

Kevin's parents offered to take Lou and Ben on Wednesday and keep them until Charlie's party on Saturday. This is a big help, as having all three of them deters me from preparing for the boys' birthday parties. We meet about 1/2 way between our homes, which is usually about 45 minutes. This time was no different on the way up there, but coming home we hit stand-still traffic.

Charlie slept the whole way up there, so I knew he wasn't going to rest on the way back. He finished his bag of snacks in no time and then launched his sippy cup somewhere. I rolled down the windows because I didn't want to waste any more gas than was necessary and he soon was getting antsy in his car seat. When the crying came I poppped in the SpongeBob soundtrack and he rocked out. It's pretty amazing to watch. My plan is to get it on video so I can share how this CD can change his mood instantaneously.

So, the normal 45 minute drive took 1 1/2 hours, but in the end we were able to meet Daddy for lunch at a little Mexican place by his office, so it all worked out! It's so weird being out and about with one kid. I'm used to being on edge, making sure I have everyone, making sure no one is breaking anything or hurting anyone. It'll be nice for a couple of days, but then I'll be happy to have the two other monsters at home.

You could say I'm a bit bored.

So happy to hear "Goofy Goober."

I saw someone take a picture like this in their car. Theirs turned out better.

So much traffic...

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