Friday, July 25, 2008

Role Playing

Louie and Benny crack me up on a continual basis and although the reasons change the one that always gets me is when they act things out, especially "real life situations." Meaning: they act like adults they know, taking on a persona and having big people conversations.

Today they are reliving the last of Daddy and the Gang's baseball game. Lou is Tommy and Ben is Josh. They talk about the game (Tommy was the catcher and Josh was the pitcher), they talk about buying new bats (Daddy did that very thing), they talk about going back to Uncle Hog's afterward ("Do you want to ride in my car Josh?" "Sure, Tommy, Thanks." "You're welcome. Have you ever been in my car, Josh?" "I don't think so, Tommy.")

They're so serious and having a good time with it. I try to suppress my laughs. Did we do this as kids? I have vivid memories of role playing, but I don't remember acting like the adults in my lives. Maybe I should be happy with their choices--the people they pick to be are good folks.

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Liz said...

This is too funny. I remember playing like this with my cousins, except we were all 'old'and told people we were 21 (when we were 6)and drove Mustangs and for some reason dressed in long robes.