Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Norwood Day Parade

This is the time of year where we celebrate anything and everything Norwood. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but we did go to the parade last night. In Norwood Days past, Louie and I were winners in the baby contest (we have not entered Benny and Charlie as of yet). So we do have some history with it.

We met Grandma Alice, Grandpa Pete, Jeff, and Lexi down at the firehouse to watch the parade and get some candy! Grandma Alice came prepared with lunch bags, and the kids were treated to really cool fireman helmets that they put on immediately.

Was it the heat, the exhaustion of the past week, or something else, we'll never know, but I wish I brought my camera because Mr. Lou had some great faces that would be funny to post here. Every time a float would pass and throw out candy Lou, Ben & Lexi would run out in the street to gather what they could, with Charlie clapping on the sidewalk. Eight times out of ten they would come back empty handed.

It finally got to be too much for Lou and the tears came pouring down. He was an emotional wreck and it was very difficult for Mommy and Daddy not to laugh. It wasn't so much the candy, but the game of gathering up whatever the people threw at them. This kid is used to doing well at most games he attempts and he wasn't doing well at all at this game. Louie summed it up as we were walking back to our van later:

The problem is: All those other kids were bigger and faster than us. They were like bunnies!*

* We have a lot of rabbits in our yard and the boys marvel daily at how fast they are.

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