Thursday, July 31, 2008

Griffey to the Sox?

We have ESPN's Mike & Mike show in the background while we eat breakfast. Breaking news: Ken Griffey, Jr. has been traded from the Reds to the White Sox, pending Griffey's approval.

The Boys: "Junior is going to play for the Red Sox?"
Me: "No, the White Sox"

How do you explain to two little boys who take turns being the Reds right fielder how the business of baseball works? It's not definite yet, so we won't delve too far into it, but Ben did just got a Junior T-shirt and poster for his birthday. It'll be a difficult day for these kids if the deal goes through.

*Edit: It has been confirmed that Ken Griffey, Jr. is indeed leaving Cincinnati and moving to Chicago. No word yet on what Junior's role will be for the White Sox and it's hard to believe that he went there for the sole purpose of going to the postseason. It is in my opinion that they had to have promised him some position or he would not have gone. But I will stop pondering on this because this is supposed to be about mis tres hijos. I'll let you know their reactions to the trade after a short nap.

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Amanda said...

Can you explain it to me too? :( I cried the day they announced he was coming to Cincinnati. No tears today, but I'm feeling so sad! It's a sad day in our house too.