Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Business Special: Our Family Day

Kevin got some really great seats for the Reds game and a parking pass from work last Thursday. We were only about 15 rows up from the first base dugout and even though the ticket-taker said that Ben didn't need a ticket, we were glad to have the four seats for the boys to have space move around.

It was a beautiful day, reaching 81 degrees and the boys were lathered up with sun screen, even though it became obvious that Benny & Charlie's Native American roots are coming out. Louie's ears and face became red even through the spf 50 and ball cap he was wearing. When he warms up it shows all over! Charlie, on the other hand, had a tanned belly and he wasn't even showing it to the sun. Amazing how brothers can be so different from one another.

We couldn't be any more excited to see Johnny Cueto pitch. Lou is finally starting to come around on him, but Ben isn't sold yet. (This is probably due to the fact that Freel has gotten little to no playing time and Lou wants someone else to cheer for.) Unfortunately, it wasn't Cueto's best outing and they ended up losing, 5-3.

Highlights of the game:
  • Mr. Redlegs coming in our area: Ben kept putting the seat down next to him as an invitation for the favored mascot to come hang out with us.
  • Big hit of the day: Scott Hatteberg crushed a double into right-center that scored a couple of runs.
  • Great views of ballplayers: being that close the boys were able to match faces with the names they know.
  • Kevin on the Jumbotron: Charlie was getting antsy so in between innings Kevin stood up with him and was featured on the big screen. Then later, when he had Ben on his lap the camera swung his way again!
  • Picked off: twice we had perfect seats for two Reds players (Patterson, Hairston) being thrown out when they were daydreaming on first base. Coach Hatcher was none too happy.
*Check out the slide show of our day at the bottom of the page!

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