Monday, April 21, 2008

Ring "Bear" for hire

Lou's gift was a wooden bat that said "Lou Hess, for being our All Star Ring Bearer"

In case you were wondering, Louie did a great job at Sarah's wedding this past weekend. All week long every time talked about what he was doing at the wedding he would growl, so I assumed that he thought he was going to be the ring "bear" at the wedding. My suspicions were confirmed when he asked if he was going to wear his Halloween costume (a furry black bear). It didn't help that I was calling the tux a "monkey suit." He was really confused.

Such a cool guy!

I wasn't there for the rehearsal, but I guess Lou and the flower girl had a tough time making it down the aisle. The day of the wedding he was such a big boy and held the little girl's hand and helped her down to the front of church. They both even went back up the aisle when it was all over! There wasn't a lot of smiling going on, but these are two shy kids who have a bunch of strangers staring at them and taking pictures. I think they did great!

The ring bearer and flower girl

A picture of the happy couple

When mass was over we were waiting around to take pictures and Louie slipped off the pew and hit the back of his head on a kneeler :( An egg appeared on the back of his head and he was inconsolable. It didn't help that the boy needed a nap desperately and there was no hope of that anytime soon. But he sucked it up, stood up there with Greg and the groomsmen and (sometimes) looked at the camera. Still no smiles.

All three boys wore themselves ragged at the reception and too soon it was time to go. We had to get a good night's sleep for the next day, anyway. We were celebrating Daddy's birthday! Because we were with Kevin's family we decided to celebrate it then with Jim and Grandma & Grandpa A. as well. Although cool and misty, we had a great weekend!

So today is Kevin's birthday. If have a minute you can call or email the "old man" to tell him to have a great day :)

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