Monday, April 21, 2008

Nine Month Visit

The newest stats on Charlie:
  • He is in the 90% for his...head.
  • He is in the 75% for his weight. (21 lbs. 7 oz.)
  • He is in the 25% for his length! (27 1/2 inches) Dr. J. says that he's due for a growth spurt.
  • He has the most popular baby boy name from last year at this particular doctor's office. We call him "Charlie-bear," so I'm thinking about just calling him "Bear." Feel free to help in my effort to give him some distinction.
  • Dr. J. is very happy with this refined palate. He's been doing great, eating pretty much everything we eat (sometimes even better than the other two!) Last night he had sweet potato, turkey, and cottage cheese. (P.S. Josh, he had pears and cottage cheese and really enjoyed it. Next, we're going to try crushed pineapple!)
  • I got some tips on how to get him to sleep through the night...let's see how it works!

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