Thursday, May 1, 2008

Zoo Blooms

Every April the zoo has their "Zoo Blooms" where there are over 80,000 tulips exploding in the landscape. It only lasted until the 27th, but we were able to see a few that hadn't lost their petals and took full advantage of the photo op.

Unfortunately, Louie was acting...weird. He was doing this strange Frankenstein-like pose the entire time Carrie was trying to take our picture.

Could this be the reason? Katie is Louie's friend from school. We met up with her, her mom, brother and sister today. It was really cute to see the two of them interact. They ran around, showing each other the neat things they found, and had a great time picking flowers--yikes!

Here's the gang: Claire is the little sister; Katie in the shades; and Bryce in the back with the Reds hat. They all had a lot of fun together.

To end our day we took a ride on the train. Katie, Benny, and Louie rode on a bench all by themselves, which was somewhat nerve-racking, especially when we were on the bridge going over the zebras. Charlie was all sorts of excited. He doesn't remember his first train ride at the zoo when he was less than a month old, as seen below.

This looks a little bizarre because I think he was mid-blink, but I thought it was funny. He was so curious during our ride and he's at a rough age. He's not exactly walking and not at all stable, but loves to be mobile. He wants so badly to be running around with his brothers.

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