Friday, April 11, 2008

General musings

  • Today was the first day that Louie noticed that there was a fake person standing in the department store in fancy underwear.
  • While they're upstairs "napping," Lou and Ben are screaming each time the thunder cracks.
  • A smile from Charlie can turn a bad day into a very good one.
  • Ben and Lou's definition of clean hands are different than mine.
  • Lou and Ben like to use the words "spooky," "googly," and "poo-wee!"
  • Charlie's car seat is turned around and he is very happy about it.
  • Rain drops must feel like needle pricks to the boys because they cry out in pain when it hits their skin.
  • Ben & Lou's favorite thing to do is be the first to run in to Charlie's room when he wakes up to talk to him and make him laugh.
  • Ben understands that "new shoes" are great even when they are just "new" to him.
  • Charlie loves cottage cheese.
  • The boys haven't figured out how awesome Johnny Cueto is. Their current way to get on each other's nerves is to say, "You're Johnny Cue-to, you're Johnny Cue-to!" and the other retorts with "Nuh-uh! I'm (insert Junior for Ben, Freel for Lou)!"
  • Ben will eat an entire box of Altoids if you let him.
  • Lou cannot even get past the smell of Altoids.
  • Charlie hates shoes.
  • Not surprisingly, Lou is pretty quiet at school. He is very attentive and does what he is told, and likes to play with the Bob the Builder magnet toys the best.
  • The boys would rather "listen to the guy talk about the Reds" on the radio than listen to their kids' music CDs.


Josh said...

As a fellow cottage cheese connoisseur, I believe you should foster and cultivate Char's love of it. Try mixing in some fruits (I've found pineapples and peaches are great combos) or some apple butter into his general cheese eating routine. Longterm, perhaps he can graduate to using it more as a condiment on sandwiches and pizzas or even as a chip dip. Who knows, perhaps you'll even start to like it, too!?!

Annie said...

Oh, have no doubt that mommy likes it. Daddy has even professed his love. We haven't gone anywhere other than plain, but with your suggestions we will expand our horizons! My questions is, why are there people who don't like it??