Thursday, April 3, 2008

My life with boys

Steph, Missy, & JT were on their way over last night to make dinner for me and the boys and so we decided to play some basketball outside while we waited. Ben was using a tennis ball; Lou, a mini basketball; me, a playground ball. It was bound to happen, but the ball Lou was using ricocheted off the hoop, off the wall, and down the drive. I didn't think it was that big of a deal, so I set off after it with Charlie in my arm and told the boys to stay in the yard.

That little ball kept rolling and rolling and rolling. It went about halfway down our street and fortunately Louie and Benny stayed in the front yard. I was trying to go as fast as I could holding on the Charlie and looking over my shoulder to make sure the boys weren't running out into the street. (If I had known it was going to go so far I would have left it for later!) Thank heavens for a parked car's tire that stopped it in its tracks.

I pick it up and turn, speed walking up the hill to our house. Missy and JT are pulling up, parking. Missy isn't getting out of the car yet and I wasn't sure why. I look where she is looking (our front yard) and see why. She is watching my oldest boy pull his pants down and pee in our front yard! AHHH! I should clarify this. I only saw Lou pulling up his pants. I don't know if I would have yelled for him to stop if I actually saw it happening, but I did tell him that next time if he's going to pee outside he's got to find a tree or bush to stand behind. One day I'll explain to him that you can get a ticket for peeing in public.


Amanda said...

OK, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Maybe the experience as we were leaving the parade set the precedent? Just a thought! :)

Annie said...

Actually, we didn't stop in that parking lot! There were too many people coming and I made the poor guy hold it until we got to the van where I emptied out my water jug and had him go in there (c: He is used to going outside when we camp...but I'm beginning to think that it may be something hardwired into them. No?