Friday, October 29, 2010

Strutting Their Stuff

Today is the day Louie and Benny's school has their Halloween parties and a big part of it is having a parade. The kindergartners walk with the preschoolers through the school, and then first grade on up walks through the neighborhood.

Benny's was in the morning and we stood in the hall, waiting to caught a glimpse of him. There are three kindergarten classes and two preschoolers. He came by so quickly and didn't look at us, so this is the best picture I got!

In the afternoon, we went up for the outdoor parade and to kill time we ran suicides on the basketball court, with Mere chasing Charlie and his buddy; we played line jumper on the court; ate peanut butter crackers and took pictures.

Both Charlie and his friend are fantastic photographers. They took turns posing for each other and got some great shots of Meredith, each other, and the random passing car.

Charlie took this one of Meredith.

Here comes Louie's class! There are four first grade classes and the teachers were Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Louie's teacher was one of the bears, if you couldn't figure that out for yourself.

And here's Rafael! Louie was so excited to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and so was I, as it's one of the many things from my childhood that are making a comeback.

They were mesmerized by all the kids' costumes. Not happy, not scared, just in a trance. Some costumes were rather scary for little kids, I thought. Others seemed a little inappropriate for their age, but most were cute, and typical of elementary school. Most popular costume for boys: ninjas; most popular for girls: old ladies/grannies.

Fortunately for the big kids, it was a gorgeous day!


Amanda said...

We thought ninja was so original!!! Maybe we're just wild trendsetters?

Annie said...

Definitely trendsetters :) Of course, none of the kids have Owen's ninja skills!