Thursday, October 28, 2010

Parade of Cuteness

It's hard to think of the kids as "spooky" or whatever else they're hoping for when they're so adorable!

Charlie has gotten over his stage of not wanting to go to school--especially today when he was so excited to see what Cole was going to be for Halloween (Batman, a perfect pairing to Charlie's Spiderman), and he participated in all the songs the class sang to the parents, which is a huge step up from where Louie and Benny were in the 3-year-old class.

Miss Sue sat in front of the class on this chilly morning so the kids had confidence to sing their Halloween songs to the parents and grandparents.

This is Miss Cathy. I love her costume of The Cat in the Hat. She even has the little fish in a bowl next to her. She teaches the 4-year-olds and had both Lou and Ben.

The kids then walked through the church offices back to their classes, and with each person they passed they practiced saying "trick or treat!"

Charlie came home proudly displaying the picture he made today: a mixed-media piece using paint, coloring and construction paper that he cut to illustrate the story of "Five Little Pumpkins." He was so happy to share his work.

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