Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr. Burger had a Farm

Today was a gorgeous fall day, just right for heading out to the farm to pick out a pumpkin. Too often the little ones (a.k.a. Charlie and Meredith) don't get to do the fun stuff that Lou and Ben did when they were little. There's always something else to do or we just forget about the things that Charlie and Meredith haven't done yet.

Today was the day that we went to Burger Farm. It's been around for a while now. I remember going there when I was in grade school and Alice has been going since at least when she was in high school.

They have all sorts of farm animals for the kids to see. Charlie and Meredith saw the 8-day-old chicks and I wish I got pictures because the excitement on Mere's face is indescribable! She's such a lover of animals.

They have a little pumpkin village where characters from fairy tales have pumpkin heads. I'm sure they've been around since Alice was younger. They're kind of creepy, but the kids enjoyed it!

On the weekends there's more for the kids to do. I'm thinking that there must be a little go-cart race or something where we let our kiddies run around in circles. It was a great place for them to run around until the puppet show. That is, until Meredith got a hold of the bottle of Purel and put the pump in her mouth. Yuck.

Here's our gang, waiting for the famous puppet show--Charlie, Mere, Eva and Jay.

It's kind of corny, but the show teaches the kids a bit and they get to sing songs and laugh. And it's really cute to see how much Mr. Burger gets into it. You can tell he really enjoys having the kids there.

After the puppet show we all board the wagons for the hayride. It was tight this year!

Meredith wanted to test drive each pumpkin before she picked the one we were going to take home. Luckily, the rejects didn't smash when they hit the ground.

Ah, the perfect pumpkin for Mere.

Charlie had two requirements: it had to have a stem and it had to be squat. Not his words, exactly, but everyone he looked at had these qualities.

It was fun to get to hang out with just the little guys this time. As fall turns into winter, expect more outings with Grandma Alice, Eva and Jay!

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