Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Fall Weekend

On Saturday, Louie had a soccer game and then we went to Dayton for a fall family birthday celebration. All the ladies (except for Meredith) have fall birthdays on Kevin's side and we were able to enjoy the gorgeous day up at Aunt Jill and Uncle Nick's.

Jill had plenty for the kids to do with an incredibly creative scavenger hunt and Halloween crafts galore! There was lots of college football watched (a big let-down for these Buckeye fans, though), a delicious dinner of lasagna followed up by everyone's favorite--pumpkin roll!

The next day we drove up north a couple of hours to visit friends of ours and to enjoy seasonal activities out in the country. If all we did was go up there to play in their yard, the kids would have been more than content. But, they planned a great day for us that consisted of a hayride through their "yard" and a bonfire where the kids roasted their dinner (wieners and s'mores)!

Here are some of the pictures from the city kids' venture out into more rural parts.

Learning how to drive the John Deere

I promise, we don't make her do only "boy" things :)

They all got to ride around the circa 1944 Army Jeep.

Nick and Trent have the coolest playhouse that looks just like their house! To get up there you have to climb a slide and the inside of the club is decorated with old license plates and spark plugs!

Time for the hayride!

Mere enjoyed this a lot.

It's easier to see her reactions without the paci.

We probably didn't have to go anywhere because they were having a blast just digging around in the hay.

Me and Jenni with our youngin's

Out in the field, going over bumps

All that riding around got the boys hungry. They fixed themselves some hot dogs and s'mores as a side dish. They were in heaven.

One last picture on the tractor before the battery gave out. The tractor had a flat so it could putter us around in the wagon. Our friends promised that we could back next year for a ride!

I know I said this last year when we went to visit them (Meredith was still in my belly!), but it is so neat to see my kids play so well with my good friend's kids. We have gone through so much together, so many stages of our lives, and now we are going through one more together. It was a really good day, with many more to come.


dbc said...

Yay! I love this for all of you!

♥Sarah♥ said...

I miss those days! I'm the oldest of 4... three little brothers. I've been there. :) Looks like fun!