Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Name Game

Somehow nicknames came up as the breakfast topic today. Lou asked if "Lou" and "Louie" were his nicknames. Ben was convinced that "Benjamin" was a nickname. And it went on from there, even talking about having sons and giving them their names. Finally, we started talking about "Louis Victor" and I said that he could call his son "L.V." or call himself "L.V." They all agreed that when they become ballplayers they'll be called L.V., B.W. and C.T.

Then, Lou said he wishes that he had a P in there, too. I told him that when he was confirmed that he could take the name Paul or Peter and then he'd be L.V.P. He decided (after asking what Confirmation was and his mom lacked a good response for a six-year-old) that he would take Paul and asked if I knew why he wanted that. "Because it sounds like M.V.P.!" he tells me.

This kid is determined!

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