Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No School

Louie missed the first day back after the weekend due to a pretty bad cold. His fever never reached 100 degrees, but I thought it was best to keep him home so build up his immune system. When we were at Grandpa's on Monday he was very clingy and whiny, which isn't like him so I knew he wasn't feeling well.

The trip home from the family picnic was pretty bad for him. He fell asleep for part of it, which almost never happens (not even when he was a baby!) and when he woke up he was crying for me to come sit next to him so we pulled over and I got in the back seat.

Of course, me being the worrywart that I am, I looked up the symptoms for h1n1 virus on the internet when we got home. I usually just let the boys' illnesses take its course, thinking that some pain reliever and rest will do them good, but it seems like all I'm hearing about is the numbers of confirmed cases at the neighboring colleges are skyrocketing and...I need to relax. He probably just has a cold!

Lou returned to school today armed with cough drops and strict orders to cough into his elbow.

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