Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Countdown 'til the Wedding!

Part of the reason I've be slacking on posting is that we're getting ready for my sister's wedding! I won't post a ton of pictures from our activities, but a few to show that I'm not fibbing, and also tell some stories.

Grandma just got back from Florida so that accounts for some of it, but I doubt that Miss Mere will ever have anything other than "fair" complexion! (Taken at one of Joanie's showers)

This was also at one of Joanie's showers. I saw this dessert a while back on one of the blogs I follow. It's a (new) terra cotta pot with a vanilla wafer covering the hole, ice cream, then finely ground oreo cookies for the soil. A straw is inserted into the ice cream before putting on the "soil" so that when the dessert is ready to be passed out you can insert real flowers. When I first saw it I put it on the back burner in case I wanted to use it for one of Meredith's future birthday parties. It turned out so cute!

The boys were in Columbus, but Meredith joined us for the bachelorette party. Joanie met her future husband Josh at Ohio University, so the theme of the party was "OU Tailgate." All I had for Mere to wear was one of the boys' old T-shirts. She looked so much like Lou when I put her outfit on that I put her pink ballcap on to ensure everyone knew she was a girl...and it didn't help much.

Nothing too special about this picture other than my sister's shirt matches my kitchen walls, oh, and cousin Katie who is also in the wedding is in the picture. I wish you could see how cute her veil turned out. One of her bridesmaids made it: a green headband with sequins, the veil was attached to it. The veil had little green flowers as well as bedazzled OU paw prints. Adorable!

So, the countdown is on. Benny is the ring bearer, so I'll be sure to update you on how that goes. We need to go in and have him measured for his tux. I have my dress, my hair appointment has been made, I just need to start working on my speech. Goodness. I need lots of help with that!

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