Saturday, September 19, 2009

Naming Rights

When I was in first grade our class was sponsoring a turtle in our festival's turtle races. As a class we had to come up with a name for it. Our teacher, Sister Agnes Frances told us to write down on a scrap of paper what our suggestion was, then we'd all vote on it. The catch: she wouldn't tell us how to spell it, we had to spell it ourselves. I was all excited to name it "Speedy Gonzales" and was sure it was going to win but I had no idea what letter combo made the name. Instead, I chose "Abby" which was my best friend's name. Needless to say, "Abby" didn't win.

Luckily for Lou, his teacher wasn't so harsh, or maybe he's a better speller than I was (am). I don't understand the whole story, but his class was given a dragon by a Mr. Kist. Not sure if he's an art teacher or what, but Lou's class had to vote on a name. He was so excited when he went to school on Friday because he knew exactly what he was going to suggest: Dymo. The name race was heated. The choices were: Thunder, Bubbles, Sparks and Dymo. Guess which one was the winner. Dymo!

Congrats, Louie! Of course, this is coming from the kid who wanted me to have kids so he could name them Lumpy, Dumpy, Umpy, and Ubby. He's a creative kid, I tell ya.

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