Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Benny started another year of preschool, and let it be known that he was excited. I wasn't sure how he'd be since Lou wouldn't be going with him and he was such a shy guy last year.

I felt bad because all the enthusiasm that went into Louie's first day wasn't necessarily present for Ben's. I was probably more nervous than he was!

Now if there was one person who was as excited if not more than Ben, it was Charlie. He had his outfit on. He got out Louie's old book bag. He had his shoes on and was ready to walk out the door.

What a great smile!

Ah, poor Char. All his dreams about going to school are going to come crashing down.

What do you mean I'm not going to school?!

Daddy was able to drive Benny into school that day.

Kevin said that on the way there, Benny was bouncing around in the car but when they walked through the doors it was a different story. They saw the director and his teacher from last year and Benny grasped tightly to Kev's hand. But once they put his stuff in his cubby and walked up to the classroom door he was fine.

Don't want to leave out baby girl.

Charlie didn't take it well. There may not be anything sadder than the humongous tears that Charlie lets out of his eyes. They slowly rolled down his cheeks while he wailed, "BENNN-EEE!"
over and over again. After a few minutes he was fine, but I wasn't expecting that! It reminded me of when Louie went to preschool for the first time and two-year-old Benny was the one who was howling for his big brother. I thought for sure Lou would be crying, but he was pumped up for school. I guess it's just hard to be the one left behind.

I wasn't able to pick him up from school because I was with a friend who just had a baby, but Grandma said that he did great! He talked non-stop about his day and already had artwork to show (a big improvement over last year!). I picked them up and when we got home Benny put backpack in locker, like the summer didn't even happen. He knew exactly what to do. Louie didn't even remember to do that!

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