Monday, September 14, 2009

A Relaxing Sunday

Louie went to preschool with Katie and now that they are in kindergarten we run the risk of not seeing them very often. We're trying to keep that from happening by planning days to hang out with our families.

Sunday they came over after the disappointing Bengals season opener, the boys still sporting their support. They played football in the backyard, running plays and punting the ball like they saw the big guys do on television.

Benny and Louie pretty much worship Bryce. He's a great, easy going kid, and my boys fought over who was going to be on his team and both copied whatever it was that he was doing. So cute.

The girls sometimes played with the boys, but mainly rode bikes and did some gardening. Charlie, somewhat uncharacteristic, was playing in his own world for the most part. And the babies (they have a brother a month and a half younger than Meredith) hung out with the big people.

And here they are breaking for nourishment.

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