Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things I said I would never do...before the need arose

I had things I had to do today. In the rain. No, I didn't need to do them in the rain, but it happens to be one of the rainiest Junes on record and I cannot plan my life around the weather any longer. So me and cuatro ninos (not sure if that's correct at all and, by the way, when is someone going to give me a suggestion for a new blog name that includes my chica?).

We had four stops to make that zig-zagged us all over town and happened to occur through the lunch hour. I brought provisions, but I had some crank-tastic kids on my hand so I had to come up with a way to make this errands trip work with out losing my mind in the process. So I turned on a movie in the van. I always looked into vans that had their tvs on, going through the city and thought, "Man, are those kids spoiled! They can't get away from the tv for a twenty minute car ride?!" And so when we got a vehicle that came with a vcr player, I made the decision that it was only going to be used for long car rides (i.e. the two hours to Grandma and Grandpa's house).

And we've been pretty good about sticking with that vow. But today was a different story altogether, and it has taught me a very good lesson. One that has been beat into my head with each day that I am a mother: You can never understand what is going on in another person's family, so why judge?

We made it home safely, with all of our tasks accomplished. I'm starting to realize that we may not spend too much time in our backyard. For whatever reason it helps us all when we are able to break up our routine and go on an outing. We'll see how it goes...


Some random occurances:
  • We got a Veggietales movie from the library. The boys watched it while I was feeding Meredith. The movie was over and then the boys proceeded to beat up each other. There's something terribly wrong with that.
  • Currently, the three boys are having a soccer game in the kitchen using a ping pong ball. It may not sound all that funny, but it is. Oh. And it's suddenly turned into a game of broomball, thanks to Charlie.
  • During our excercises today the boys decided that the best way to get results is to wear a not-a-shirt like the instructors do on the dvd. They all are standing in front of the television attempting to do the moves with their shirttails tucked up under their chins. (They are talking about the women wearing just sports bras or whatever they're considered, if you didn't catch on.)
  • Murphy's Law is always in play when it come to three brothers: Our very nice neighbors brought over an outfit for Meredith and three trucks for the boys. Two of the trucks were the same, one different. Guess which one the boys fought over for the rest of the night.
  • I am italics happy today. My apologies.

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