Saturday, June 6, 2009


We had an appointment for Meredith and her weight was down to 6 pounds, 8 ounces, from her birth weight of 7-7. All of our kids lost close to a pound after they left the hospital, but the doctor was concerned because I told her that it has been pretty hard to get her to wake up to eat. While in the office we tried pulling on her limbs, blowing on her, even putting a wet rag on her face and she still would only wake for a few moments before going back to sleep.

I knew eventually that she'd be fine, waking whenever her body told her she was hungry, but was a bit nervous then. That night I set my alarm for two times, three hours a part, allowing her time to wake herself up and if not then I could. No need for that!

She was up at least every two hours that night, many times even more. I knew at the time I should have been thankful for the sleep she had been allowing us all to get, but I didn't enjoy it because I was nervous about her eating. Now we are acting more like a household with a newborn--up all hours of the night and sleeping through the day!

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