Thursday, June 4, 2009

Snip-its of our days

  • I was trying to get Charlie to talk, saying, Charlie, can you say Baby? Can you say Meredith? He did really well calling her "Baby" but couldn't quite get out "Meredith." So then Louie says: Sometimes I just call her "Mere." Then Benny: Sometimes I just call her Grace. Actually, we all have. I have to remember not to tell Meredith that when she gets older. We're just not used to so many babies, especially the girl kind.
  • Grandma called and asked Benny, "How do you like your baby sister?" She's a girl. "Yeah, isn't she sweet?" I don't sit next to girls. "Yes, but she's different she's your sister!" This may take some getting used to...
  • The boys have been staying with my parents this week but we've seen them for a few hours here and there. Charlie came walking in with this "vacation" style shirt covered in fish and surfers, with the three buttons undone. He looked so big next to Meredith I just assumed I'd see chest hair and a gold chain where the shirt opened up. The little one don't seem so little anymore.
  • The first day we were home the boys joined me on the couch, almost right on top of Meredith, examining their baby sister. Benny looks up and says, "She is just aDORable!" Can you imagine? I didn't even know he knew that word. Surprised to hear it come out of his mouth!
  • We haven't had any "bottom" anatomy questions yet, but the question of how Meredith eats did come up. I was trying to explain to the boys that animals feed their babies milk and that their mommies can give it to them. It was too much for Lou that humans are actually animals. "Like cats?" he asked, excitedly. "Sure," I told him. Then he said that he, Daddy, Benny and Charlie are all cats and Meredith and I are cows. Nice. This is after he told me last Saturday, when I had my absolute favorite maternity dress on that I looked like a zebra. Kids say the darnedest things...

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