Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Day

When my brother Joe and I lived together we started a tradition where Joe, Erin, Kevin and I would carve pumpkins together. This eventually grew and expanded to include other family members and friends. Last year we ran out of time and had to put it on hiatus, but this year we revived it!

Lou, as with most things, was very serious about the carving of his pumpkin. He worked very diligently to make the design and then saw out the pieces.

Benny was excited to begin carving, but asked Daddy to help him to a lot of the work (i.e. scoop out the guts). Aunt Erin and Grandma are in the background wishing Kevin would also help them get the guts out.

Charlie opted not to carve pumpkins just so he could have free reign over the toys that he normally doesn't get first choice of!

Kevin was holding court with the other guys, patiently waiting his turn to carve his pumpkin.

Uncle Nate was a big help in guiding Louie with his pumpkin design, and helping with the sawing on the more difficult areas.

Lou and Ben helping Grandpa put candles in the pumpkins.

It's not so easy to see how great all the designs are on the jack-o-lanterns! I wish there was a setting on the camera for "carved pumpkins."

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Liz said...

Whoa, that's one impressive undertaking! The pumpkins look beautiful, makes me wish I had one.