Saturday, October 11, 2008

HallZOOeen Day

A nice, warm Saturday in October and we head out to the zoo with Daddy to wear costumes, get candy, ride rides, oh, and maybe look at some animals. They got to pick out something to wear from the oodles of costumes Joey and Johnny gave us when they outgrew them.

Take a good look at this picture, because this is the most you'll see of Ben in this costume. I don't fault him, though. It has a big plastic cape that was really too much for an 80-degree + day. Charlie is Superman, Louie is a vampire, and Benny is a knight.

When you come into the park you get tickets for special treats. At the first booth we came to they boys picked out mini-pumpkins. Charlie wasn't nearly as excited as his brothers.

Throughout the day there are shows that the animals put on with pumpkins. Luckily the boys weren't overly interested in seeing it because the crowds were insane and they might not have seen much anyway. Personally, it was just nice walking around on a sunny day with our family.

Taking a cue from Owen, Benny showed us around the park using the map.

To end the day we took a ride on the carousel, or as they call it, the SCARE-ousel. I'm not sure if you remember it (Lou's never seen it) but when the ride started up Louie was trying to see which one of them was going to win the race--a la Mary Poppins. Turns out, they all won.

Benny's growling right along with his tiger ride.

Charlie, like his engineer father, is trying to figure out how this all works.

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