Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Clifford :)

After we picked up Louie from school we headed down to the Museum Center to have lunch with Owen, Eli, and Amanda, then go down to meet Lexi and Grandma Alice for a "member's only" preview of a new exhibit: Clifford's Birdwell Island!

It is the Children's Museum's 10th anniversary at Union Terminal and it is Clifford's 40th birthday, so to celebrate they have the cutest area set up for kids to learn about the ten life lessons learned in Clifford's books and TV show: Share, Play Fair, Have Respect, Work Together, Be Responsible, Be Truthful, Be Kind, Believe in Yourself, Be a Good Friend and Help Others.

Benny, Louie & Owen with a happy Clifford.

Grandma Alice helping Charlie color in Clifford's dog house.

Isn't this great? Owen & Lou are wearing T-Bone costumes, Benny is wearing a Clifford costume, and they're sitting with Charlie in Clifford's food bowl!

He didn't want to admit it, but this little boy was tired! He crawled up into Cleo's doghouse to relax.