Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Lost Katie

Yes, Katie still lives in Cincinnati, but now that she's a nurse we don't get to see her all that often. We were very excited for her to go to the zoo with us!

This was the first time we were at the zoo for feed the giraffes. They eat three pounds of a mixture of raw carrots and sweet potatoes. The boys each got a sweet potato stick.

Charlie didn't realize that you were supposed to let go. He held tight as the giraffe had it strong tongue wrapped around it, pulling. I was holding the kid so there wasn't much I could do. Finally I set Charlie down so the poor giraffe wouldn't be teased any longer.

Lexi & Grandma Alice joined us too, and the kids actually asked if they could have their picture taken on this fall display.

They're making a lot of changes at the zoo, and the boys thought it was cool that the elephant looked like Bob the Builder.

They have a great time with Lexi, their surrogate sister.

Charlie had no qualms about getting right up in there with the goats.

And it is true: goats will eat anything. Here this sweet lil' thing is eating my sweatshirt.

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