Monday, August 30, 2010

My Benny is a Kindergartner!

This boy was ready for school! And of course, in typical Benny fashion (no pun intended), when he woke up he decided he had to change his outfit that he chose yesterday.

I was inside the house getting ready and told the boys to go out and practice poses for the pictures. They asked what poses were and these are what they came up with when Kevin was taking their picture.

I wonder if they'll always be stair-steps. Or when they'll outgrow their father.

When we arrived at school Ben was out of his seatbelt with his backpack on before I had to say a word. Louie, Benny and I walked into school, with Benny holding my hand. We said goodbye to Louie where the hall splits and he went down to his classroom. I asked Benny to stand in front of his door so I could take his picture next to his name tag. He wasn't having any of that. No pictures of him by his seat, either.

As I was walking out I snapped this one of him working on a page in his binder. He's so grown up already. Not nervous about school whatsoever. Who says that kids need their mom until they're 18? This guy is ready for school and I'm...getting there.

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