Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Denial ain't just a river...or so I'm told

Today Louie started first grade. It's hard for me to believe that the summer has rushed by and we're beginning a new school year. And that my first born is in the first grade!

I tried to remember what it was like for me in first grade. I had Sister Agnes Frances, one of the last nuns to wear a habit regularly. For me, she fulfilled all the stereotypes of nuns. Kind of scary for a five-year-old! Louie's teacher is the polar opposite. She is such a sweet woman, giving each of the kids a "First Grade Kit" last night at the Open House. Included was:
  • a Starburst: You will be a shining star in school if you smile and always do your best!
  • a Penny: To remind you that you are a valuable member of our class!
  • a Sticker: We will always stick together and help one another!
  • Smarties: You are going to learn SO very much this year!
  • an Eraser: Remember, it's okay to make mistakes. That is how we learn!
  • a Hershey Hug: We all need hugs! If you need one, let me know.
  • a Lifesaver: I am here to help you! Do not be afraid to come to me if you need something.
I thought that was a sweet (no pun intended) way to get the kids to know that they are welcome to her classroom. Louie is very excited.

Again, this teacher is quite young, but she definitely has her act together, as I felt Louie's kindergarten teacher did last year. They must be approaching the preparation for teachers differently these days. I have been very impressed! The teachers coming out of college are able to hold their own with those who have been in the field for years.

Anyway, today I had to work a little to wake up Lou. It's my fault for not putting him to bed early, then waking him up at 7am to prepare for this day. But once he was up, he was ready to go. In part, because he got to wear his new gym shoes for the first time!

I got a special breakfast for this morning and then we headed out to take the pictures that we've done since he started preschool. And I hate to tell him, but we'll be doing it until he graduates from high school. Unless he lives at home and goes to college. Then we'll take it then, too (is that motivation to get him to move out? ;).

Look at this crew! They are all so excited for Louie to begin 1st grade.

Kevin was able to stay home for a bit to take pics, then see Louie off to school.

He was pumped to see that he has the coolest job on the first day of school!

I'm sure it will hit me soon that my kids are growing up right before my eyes. I think that we've been keeping so busy that I haven't allowed it to sink in yet. It's neat to stand back and watch the person that Louie is becoming. And that person is a pretty neat little guy!

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