Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grab Bag 3

The last weekend in July we went on our annual family camp out. I was nervous about going this year because Meredith was more mobile than on our last camp out. Regardless of what you might think, taking an infant is so much easier than taking a 1-year-old! Fortunately, my mom has a "cage" that was a big help. Meredith was able to be part of the action, but we could limit was she was exposed to (i.e. rocks that she wants to put in her mouth; hills to fall down; cars that want to run over kids). What was neat was that it was the cool place to hang out for the older kids. They all took turns getting in there and playing with her. Meredith was in heaven!

The kids and I went up on Thursday, after the boys' swim lessons. My parents were going up that day, as well as my aunt and uncle. I hated to leave Kevin at home, but it's such a hike for him to go from our campsite to work that it really isn't worth it. The rest of the group would come after work on Friday.

Did you know that Charlie had a black eye? Amazingly enough, his brothers had nothing to do with that. He fell into our coffee table an instantly looked like the offspring of Rocky. Here, it is a few days old and looking quite a bit better.

My dad had to go into work on Friday so Mom and I took the kids on a hike. The boys are extremely into hiking and exploring these days. The trail wasn't very intense, which was good because I had Meredith hanging off the front of me while I was taking pictures and hiking. I'm pretty sure I was chewing gum, too, so we are lucky that no major catastrophes occurred!

I didn't get the camera out the rest of the weekend. I can't remember why. The days were filled with playing games, riding bikes, and swimming at the pool. At night we stargazed and sat around the campfire. This is the stuff that summers are made of and I wish we would have done more of it this summer!

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