Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Good Day

Time is quickly slipping away before Louie and Benny start school and so we had errands to run and a trip to the zoo planned for today.

My rant for today (and many days since I've started collecting them) is this: is possible to make a relatively easy task any more difficult? There are the most bizarre things on the school supply list (12 large glue sticks--do the kids eat them for snacks??) and things that are almost impossible to find (4 black thick dry erase markers. Almost all the ones I've seen have only one black and then an assortment of other colors filling out the set of 24. I'm not buying four sets of 24 to get the four he needs for school!).

So...I wasn't overly successful in the school supply shopping, but Benny and Louie each got a new pair of gym shoes to wear on their first day. All my kids have wide feet and this makes it a bit difficult to find shoes that fit well, but our helper today was very patient and kind and helped us pick out the right shoes for the boys that will hopefully last until the new year.

After these two stops we headed to some place we haven't visited all summer--the zoo. The boys have been pretty upset about it but something they don't take into consideration is that there isn't animal deodorant in the world yet and the zoo stinks. It's crowded. It's hot. Things that they would realize once we drove there, got out of the van and joined the swarms of people who thinking summer visits to the zoo are da bomb.

Today was a relatively mild day and I figured with a lot of schools in session, it might not be too bad. We all had a nice time, especially Meredith. This was the first time she's been there where she was excited to be there. She squealed with delight at seeing the gorilla a stone's throw away from us. She kept pointing to all the fish and manatees in the tank. She gasped when she saw the lime green lizard scurry up the branch right before her eyes.

It will be fun to keep going back to experience these things with her. But the thing that really got her excited was her first ride on the merry-go-round! She started out on the baby seal next to Charlie who was on the shark, but soon moved over to the zebra who was wearing a jeweled harness. (A sign of things to come??) She loved going up and down, checking out the paint job on her ride and watching her brothers on the panther and gorilla.

The day ended up getting pretty warm and the water we brought along ran out so we had to pack up and leave. Here are some shots from our day:

This poor guy (gal?) seemed very tired and hot. S/He probably didn't appreciate the boys making Gibbon noises at it.

We finally got to see the Komodo Dragon! Unfortunately, it was taking a bath and we only saw a bit of its head and tail. Not good for picture taking. We did see a lot of other lizards and the boys even got to pet one.

Meredith was loving her trip to the zoo.

Not the most exciting pictures of Baby Girl, but she was being really cute and pointed to all the animals she saw.

This is her checking out the baby seal she was riding.

Louie on the gorilla and Benny on a panther, leading the way.

How does this thing work?

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