Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grab Bag 1

I have decided to randomly put up posts when I find pictures that correspond, or when a memory pops in my head. Sorry for the lack of order to come, but at least I'm posting. Right?

This past Saturday we had two birthday parties for Louie's friends. The first one was at Run, Jump 'n Play and all the kids were invited. It was the first time we have been there and it was a lot of fun! The other moms were impressed that Charlie kept up with all the other boys. They obviously don't realize that you can't tell Charlie that there's something he can't do. (Unless you want him to walk any sort of distance--then you get the whining!)

Benny and Charlie were wiped out afterward, which was good because the next party was only for the the guys in Lou's class. This birthday boy moved at the end of last school year, so it was the last hurrah for him and his friends. It's so sad how close they all get and now this little guy has to start all over in a new school. I'm glad Louie was able to go over and have a fun time with his friend.

But the point of this post is that after the birthday parties we were supposed to go down to Fountain Square to watch a movie. All summer long there are movies on the Square, first a children's movie, then one for older folks/kids. We were going to bring a blanket and a cooler and find a spot to watch the newest "Ice Age" film.

It didn't work out that way. Instead, I sent Kevin with the kids to the movie rental store and then set to work to make the living room almost as exciting as watching a movie on Fountain Square. I pulled out the bed hidden inside our couch.

I do not recall the last time this was put to use and I know for sure that the kids have never seen it. This fact was confirmed when they got home and I heard the collective gasps from the boys. You would have thought there was a bounce castle or something of the like in the living room. They were so excited!

They did try to bounce on the bed, but I quickly informed them that the beds that are hidden in couches have lots of bars that would hurt pretty badly if you landed on them. The settled for snuggling up under the sheet to watch Everyone's Hero, a cartoon movie about a talking baseball and Babe Ruth's bat, Darlin'. Who also spoke. Kind of corny, but the boys loved it.

You can't leave Meredith out of the mix, either. Her time on the pull-out bed didn't last long, though, as she didn't get it that walking around on it was a bad idea. All in all, we had a wonderful evening, and even got to go to bed fairly early. Very nice!

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