Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vintage Base Ball

About the time that we bought our house, the City of Blue Ash bought the Hunt House in hopes to restore it to make it a museum, circa 1880s. The significance of it is that it was part of the infamous Morgan's Raid during the Civil War. I did not know all this at the time, but it is such a beautiful house and they've made some great improvements on the historical building.

I've seen signs advertising open houses since 2006 when they finished work and opened the house to public tours. Unfortunately, before this past Saturday we have never been able to make it one of them. It worked out this time, and to everyone's delight there was a vintage base ball game! The Cincinnati Redstockings played the Cincinnati Buckeyes. The boys didn't want to join the other kids and play in the game, but were mesmerized by the old uniforms and decided to sit on the sidelines under a tree. There were people giving out free Cracker Jack and peanuts in little paper sacks. The boys were in heaven.

We eventually made our way into the Hunt House and I was a bit worried that the boys wouldn't be interested but, no worries! the house had a lot of old Reds paraphernalia. There was plenty of antiques to satisfy me.

A neat little detail in the kitchen: on top it holds matches, then lift the flap and put used matches in there for safe disposal.

Looking toward the back of the kitchen to the back porch.

A shot of the Redstockings' pitcher.

The man in the black suit and top hat was the umpire, with the Redstocking player and the Buckeye.

It's awesome that there's stuff like this going on all throughout the city for free. I read an article in Sunday's paper about how kids are shaping our culture these days, with an overabundance of kids' style, music, and merchandise. But I think that if Kevin and I make a point to have the boys go to events like this they'll gain an appreciation for what may not be deemed cool to the majority of their age group. And that will be great.

Can you tell I'm getting old? Thirty, I hear ya comin'!

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