Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Few Stories about the Boys

We went to the museum today with Owen, Eli, and Miss Amanda. Had a great time as usual! Louie, Benny, and Owen have such similar interests that it really makes it nice that they get along so well. Owen is an extremely knowledgeable kid about all the areas of the museum, I feel like both the boys and I are getting an education! For instance, did you know that there is a dinosaur skull in the Natural History Museum that is one of three in the world?! Not only that, but it is in the best condition of the three because it has some of its neck vertebrae. I'm not sure what its name is (I'll ask Owen for you), but if you go it is to the left of the big steps in the dinosaur area.

After the dinosaurs we went to the Children's Museum. Louie and Benny have been saying for the last couple of days that they're going to work on cars when they grow up, so we headed to the mechanic's garage. It was there that Amanda asked me if Ben got a black eye. What??

Thanks to Amanda for being prepared and taking this great shot!

If there's one thing the boys like it's getting their hand stamped when we show our pass. Today it was an apple and what are the chances that before the ink had time to dry his eye would itch and he'd rub his eye with it? Voila, you got yourself a black eye!

Lou flipped out again. He didn't want to take a nap and I didn't force him. We came home from the museum and the other two went down to sleep and Lou and I had lunch together. It was nice. We had a great conversation about how he liked going up in the tree house at the museum even though he was scared at first. He was happy Owen went up with him and he wants to write him a letter to see if he'll go with him again.

I asked him if he wanted to help me make some cookies and he gave me an overly eager "YES!" It went so well. He was (somewhat) patient and listened to me and got to crack eggs, measure flour, and scoop up the dough to put on the tray. I got to thinking that maybe Kevin and I need to set aside time to spend with each kid individually so that we can appreciate them, be patient with them, and realize what great little people they are--when they aren't lumped together into one monster.

The cookies were cooling on the kitchen table and I was busy doing other stuff when my baby came to me, covered from head to toe in chocolate. He reached up, grabbed a cookie and went to town. He's all jacked up on chocolate chips, Chip!

So, instead of getting mad that he stole one of the cookies I was making for a friend, got chocolate all over the kitchen and himself, I took a picture because in the back of my mind I knew I was going to laugh at this. He is such a stinker!

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