Friday, August 8, 2008

Pointless Things That Are Really Cool

Oh! I wish I could have stopped laughing to take a picture for you.

Have you ever noticed how designers put thing on children's clothing that really have no importance in a child's life? For instance, Charlie has these swim trunks (size 24 mos.) that have a mesh pocket on the inside, like you would find in a grown man's swim trunks. Kevin, for example, may put his keys in there if he's worried about someone stealing them out of his bag, but also doesn't to hold on to them while he's doing cannonballs. What is a 1-year-old going to do with a mesh pocket?

This morning Charlie came walking toward me with his hands in his pockets. I couldn't stop laughing. I like when my boys look like little men, but some of those details really are pointless, at least at Charlie's age. I'm actually surprised that his chubby hands could fit in there!

That kid is so funny. I don't know how a baby who is almost 13 mos. old can know how to be a comedian already. Thank goodness for that.

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