Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tidbits from today

This morning the boys rode their bikes to the park. Lou is getting better at peddling, but does it on his big wheel and not on the big boy bike. Ben, on the other hand, is still in scoot-mode. They were up and down the slide, swinging to their heart's content. Then Ben went up the slide while Lou was pushing Charlie on the swing. Ben stops mid-way up the ladder, screams my name, and when I look I see a waterfall coming down the steps. It wasn't water. We get the bikes and stroller and the back wheel of Lou's bike pops off. Luckily we found the hardware in the grass and we were on our way.

There's some pretty major construction going on underground, a couple houses up from us. The look of joy on all of their faces was pretty amazing when they saw a backhoe, dump trucks, and a hydraulic excavator (I just looked it up online because I had no clue what it was). They all seemed larger than life, but that may be because we were seeing them next to (and larger) than the house instead of in a construction site.

I think back to when Lou was just a week away from turning three and I thought, "What 'terrible twos?' They weren't so bad!" Now I wish that two was the year that it was supposed to be. Some days Lou can be very frustrating. As his vocabulary gets bigger so does his sassy-ness. This isn't a good thing.

I just put the boys to bed for a nap and Lou screamed at me for five minutes (an obvious sign of his tiredness) then ran into Charlie's room and slammed the door (Bear was already taking a nap). Other times he can be just as sweet as can be, but I'm not sure what happens when a boy turns four. Maybe that's when the snips and snails and puppy-dog tails starts to come out.

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