Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ryan Freel--live and in person!

I get a call from Uncle Hog in the middle of a rain storm yesterday reminding me that the one, the only, Ryan Freel was at the new bank opening in Norwood today. I had completely forgot. He asked if he could come pick Louie up and then take him out to dinner afterward. Sure!

Our softball game was canceled, but we were going to try to meet some people down at the Mound anyway (always easier to go out without all three). He picked up both Lou and Ben, who had a hardball and Freel baseball card in hand and away they went!

Not too surprisingly, the boys were awfully quiet when it was their turn to meet Mr. Freel. Uncle Hog informed him that Lou was his biggest fan and instantly he jumped up from behind the table to shake Louie's hand. Ben came out from behind his big brother and did the same. The bank was giving away photographs of the Reds player, so the boys left with ball and card autographed, the bank's photo, and this picture below:

Then it was off to "Old MacDonald's" for a special dinner--chicken nuggets and french fries. Thanks to Uncle Hog for taking these great pics!

P.S. Louie informed me that he told Ryan Freel that he (Lou) was not Ryan Freel anymore, but that he played right field so he is Ken Griffey, Jr. now. Hope his feelings weren't too hurt :)

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