Thursday, May 8, 2008

Story Tree!

We went down to Queengate with Grandma R and met Grandma Alice and Lexi. Every Wednesday is Story Tree time at the Children's Museum with Miss Charolette, Miss Elizabeth, and Dr. Mike. Miss Charolette is the most perfect grandmotherly-type lady you'd ever meet. She has a great personality, has an incredible rapport with the kids, and seems like she is having the time of her life while she sings songs, tells stories, and get the kids to dance all in one half hour.

The boys weren't sure what to think:

...Ben especially...

...finally, when they started talking about spiders, they all got involved...

...and Charlie was running the place.

We stayed for a bit after the Story Tree, then headed upstairs for lunch. The place was packed with all kinds of field trips. Here is Charlie enjoying the other baby there...

...and Louie and Benny taking Miss Lexi for a ride.

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