Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Did you know?

  • When it rains, Lou goes in the basement, throws a ball against a wall and swings to hit it, as though the wall is pitching to him
  • Ben has a dog that he got as an Easter gift that he takes with us on all our errands and when he goes to bed. You've never seen a boy so sweet with a stuffed animal. He calls it "Puppy."
  • Charlie imitations have gotten so good that he now puts anything from a remote to just his hand up to the side of his head and pretends that he's on the phone, yelling out indiscriminate syllables.
  • Lou picks dandelions for me whenever he sees them. Sometimes it's one, other times it's a handful. He loves the color yellow and thinks the flowers look like the sun. I had forgotten how pretty dandelions are. (P.S. Ben usually follows suit, but when he hands them to me they're usually just the heads.)
  • Ben is Lou's shadow. This kid definitely has his own agenda, but the majority of the day you'll see him following Louie around the house and yard, mimicking his big brother (a la Yeah-Yeah from Sandlot).
  • Charlie has got rhythm! Whenever a song comes on the radio he starts bobbing along with the beat--his hips don't lie. (One of these days I'll record it so you can see--it's hilarious.)

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